Centered Networks provides business with the opportunity to extend the use case for line of business applications by transforming heavy server and workstation applications into lightweight software delivered as a service via the internet.

Not all applications and use cases are suited to browser based user interfaces.  Browser functionality, even in the most advanced deployments by Google and Microsoft, is often limited when compared to full desktop based applications.  For companies that have more complex applications and high performance users that also need remote access over the internet, Centered Networks provides a service that converts local applications into internet accessible apps with high performance and full support.  Access to the applications can be quickly added or removed or provided on self-service basis with pay as you go pricing.

Heavy applications can be extended and provided as SaaS or light weight internet accessible apps.  Examples include:

  • SQL databases with full client applications
  • GPU driven high-end graphics design software
  • Financial, CRM or ERP applications
  • Full desktop versions of productivity applications