Centered Networks provides technology services tailored to help companies become more effective and more agile.

We accomplish this by working with you to understand your challenges, and then by creating a custom solution that leverages datacenter-hosted deployments for virtual desktops, applications and infrastructure.  Our services are fully managed and supported with service level guarantees.
We address challenges such as:

  • M&A onboarding

  • New employee onboarding

  • Disaster recovery

  • Remote office/work from home

  • Third-party secure access

  • Mobile device access to corporate applications 

Our approach is predicated on delivering consistent end-user performance and support.  This requires a cross-disciplined team of engineers that work together to deliver seamless service and support to our clients.  Ongoing commitment to a positive end-user experience drives our process.
We work with our clients to design and build deployments where the pilot, proof of concept, and production elements are all proven before the client makes a commitment.  We are results-based and approach all our client relationships with this operating principle.


Centered Networks offers virtual desktops as a service (hosted VDI or DaaS) to help solve business problems.  We offer customized configurations to meet the specific operational and business needs of our clients.

There is no one size fits all answer for desktop and application design.  We believe that many VDI deployments are not properly supported, once in production, with undue focus on the initial build and a lack of appreciation for the complexities of ongoing end-user support and management.  Our approach accounts for that reality so that end-user performance is consistent and the benefits of VDI are fully realized by our clients. 

Centered Networks was an early pioneer of virtual desktops offered as a service.  Our engineers have deployed this technology at many of the largest Silicon Valley corporations.  Our alumni were part of the founding of the virtual desktop program (View) at VMware and have also been lead engineers on large scale multi-thousand seat deployments.

Our aim is to design, deploy and support desktop services that directly address our client’s business needs.  Examples of business drivers for our service include:

  • Geographic diversity—provides a unified, consistent and high performance desktop platform that fully integrates your entire environment
  • Partners, Consultants and M&A—a highly efficient means to quickly add and remove users to the corporate network that have very specific security and access requirements
  • Line of business application integration—uses the desktop as an integration point to connect key line of business apps to other corporate data and applications
  • Staff onboarding—provides a fast and efficient way to provide new employees access to the corporate network without having to procure and configure new equipment

Examples of some of the features and benefits of our services include:

  • Highly secure--no data is on local devices which can be easily lost or stolen
  • Mobility--access your applications from any device
  • Flexible and agile--quickly add or remove capacity or applications
  • Efficient--use only the resources you need, no fixed costs or under utilization
  • Simplicity--seamless, fully managed and supported from Tier I to management level

Centered Networks provides business with the opportunity to extend the use case for line of business applications by transforming heavy server and workstation applications into lightweight software delivered as a service via the internet.

Not all applications and use cases are suited to browser based user interfaces.  Browser functionality, even in the most advanced deployments by Google and Microsoft, is often limited when compared to full desktop based applications.  For companies that have more complex applications and high performance users that also need remote access over the internet, Centered Networks provides a service that converts local applications into internet accessible apps with high performance and full support.  Access to the applications can be quickly added or removed or provided on self-service basis with pay as you go pricing.

Heavy applications can be extended and provided as SaaS or light weight internet accessible apps.  Examples include:

  • SQL databases with full client applications
  • GPU driven high-end graphics design software
  • Financial, CRM or ERP applications
  • Full desktop versions of productivity applications

Centered Networks provides a service based approach to help the enterprise integrate and automate infrastructure.  We provide dedicated infrastructure and tool stacks that allow for seamless integration between corporate networks and 3rdparty cloud computing like Amazon’s AWS.  In addition, these tool stacks can transform existing corporate networks into self-service, automated compute clouds that generate significant efficiencies in deployment, management and security.

We offer access to customized and dedicated tools which are fully managed and provided as a service.

Features and benefits include:

  • Access to Chef and Puppet automation tools
  • Cloud management stacks including Cloud Stack, VMware vCloud, and Eucalyptus
  • Ability to add burst compute from the cloud integrated into your corporate network
  • Achieve greater scale economics through enhanced operations and workflow
  • Speed deployments and reduce cross-silo IT complexity