Solutions for the Enterprise

Solving business problems for the enterprise is where we start.  We identify specific operational problems and custom-design technology solutions.  We leverage cloud-based tools like datacenter- based infrastructure, virtual desktops and applications to provide sustained results for your business.

Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud-based infrastructure has created many new opportunities for corporate IT, but many of the same management challenges remain. We provide management and automation tools to directly address these challenges and allow you to fully maximize your cloud infrastructure investment.


Desktops as a Service

We provide organizations with flexibility and control of their IT environment. We simplify desktop management and security, increase the speed of deployments and provide seamless mobility to any device or user.  

Software as a Service 

Many businesses today require internet access to their applications and data.  For applications that are not browser-based but which require a desktop application, this can be challenging.  We offer services that transform desktop applications into seamless professional grade internet accessible applications, or software as a service.